Friday, October 27, 2006

Cintiq... where have you been all my life...

Okay... I've just confessed to my girlfriend... that I love the Cintiq more. The Cintiq is to the Intuos, as the Intuos is to the mouse. My fellow artists, if you haven't yet tried it, let me try to free your mind with my exact words when I first used it: "dude..." (draw, draw...) "DUDE..." (draw, undo, draw...)

Here's my first sketch(which now means a totally different thing when using the Cintiq) :

Okay, the sketch isn't that great... but I had a lot of fun doing it! Isn't that what drawing's all about???

*Edit: Okay, I corrected my misspelling of "Cintque". No one bothered to tell me?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Power of Warmup Pages!

I've been meaning to post these doodles. This first one is the first and only "lunch mark" a few fellas here at Avalanche had. (And they shall go nameless... if they're too afraid to show theirs.)

The setting of this place was great. It was an old sub shop underneath a building in downtown SLC. You could see the pipes for the building right above you. (what a genius I am, I didn't draw them)

This other one is one of the many warm up pages I have throughout the day. I notice the longer that I sit and try to answer some concept questions, the more and more stiff my drawings become. So, I take a break and try to visualize something that has a natural gesture; Or at least something that looks fun to draw...


Salutations! It's been awhile. I guess it's about time that I post something. My good buddy Ryan said that he's getting tired of clicking on my blog and seeing those nostrils. And so here's a piece that I've been fighting with. I'm still trying to comprehend "painting".

Here's the oringnal sketch (my first sketch in Painter):

I feel like it lost something. Let me know what you think. Don't be afraid to rip me a new one.