Friday, March 13, 2009

Sorry... I've been REALLY busy... Life Drawing post:

Okay, so I haven't been able to tear myself away from work lately to do some personal stuff; the only thing I really have to show for the lost time are some life drawings. I haven't life drawn for about 3+ years (about the time I started working for the mouse... ) and I figured it was about time. So about a few months ago I picked it back up... and MAN, I had a blast! I know these aren't the best life drawings, AND I need a better scanner (or get better Photoshop skills)... But it was really fun doing these. I'm posting them because Tom Scholes said I shouldn't be so shy with my stuff, so here they are in all their glory(and lack there of...)!!!

All but the last few were drawn at a figure drawing session up at the University of Utah (and they have some "interesting" fellas there that host it. So please pardon the lack of diversity.) Enjoy!

These are a combination of 5-10min gestures and long poses:

Oh and that last one was a drawing from a photo. It's really hard getting a naturally lit, tasteful pose... that's still a high quality photograph to use as life drawing reference. If anyone has any tips on life drawing reference... please let me know!