Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Woohoo! I'm back in Salt Lake City! ... wait a second...

Hey everyone! Last Thursday I got back from the Concept Art workshop that was held in Dallas Texas. Man! I had a blast! I learned tons... and met a lot of awesome fellow artists. You could all check Phil Holland's mini website ( And check out all the madness that happened in four days. It was AWESOME!! Thanks Phil for taking all those pictures!

Giant high fives out to Nonie, Jake, AJ, Jordan, Deanne, Adale, Keikai, Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera, all the massive Black dudes (especially you Rich), and Tom SKULLS. You guys ROCK!

Okay... well, I don't have much to post... but here they are:

This one's a couple a sketches of Lipa. One of the models that posed for us at the workshop. Freaking great model. She didn't move... AT ALL. Thanks Lipa.

And this one's from life drawing last Saturday of Jodie. I learned a lot from this one. And I'm trying to be a lot more aware of my edges. I'm having a lot of fun with figure drawing... and I've noticed it has helped a ton with what I do at work.

Oh yeah! I printed out a sketchbook! I only printed out one because: 1) its mostly for me to archive and log a little bit of my artistic progression... 2) has a lot of things that was inspired by work stuff... 3) and probably the biggest reason: my mom always wanted me to be legit and publish something.

Here's the cover (Thanks Tom!):

In the coming months or *cough* years *cough*... I hope to "level up" and print out a LVL. 2 Sketchbook. And when I get to sketchbook level 5 or 6... I'll have one open to the public. :)

Well, I guess that's all for updates for now. Cheers!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sorry... I've been REALLY busy... Life Drawing post:

Okay, so I haven't been able to tear myself away from work lately to do some personal stuff; the only thing I really have to show for the lost time are some life drawings. I haven't life drawn for about 3+ years (about the time I started working for the mouse... ) and I figured it was about time. So about a few months ago I picked it back up... and MAN, I had a blast! I know these aren't the best life drawings, AND I need a better scanner (or get better Photoshop skills)... But it was really fun doing these. I'm posting them because Tom Scholes said I shouldn't be so shy with my stuff, so here they are in all their glory(and lack there of...)!!!

All but the last few were drawn at a figure drawing session up at the University of Utah (and they have some "interesting" fellas there that host it. So please pardon the lack of diversity.) Enjoy!

These are a combination of 5-10min gestures and long poses:

Oh and that last one was a drawing from a photo. It's really hard getting a naturally lit, tasteful pose... that's still a high quality photograph to use as life drawing reference. If anyone has any tips on life drawing reference... please let me know!